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Business Opportunity

This is the year I turn 70 and the previous government says I can retire now so I am making this offer. I have had some health problems in the past three years and have decided it is time to let someone younger with more ambition, new ideas and energy than I have, take over.

I am looking to sell the business I have dedicated my last 15 years to so if you think you have the qualifications then this might be right for you.

What are the qualifications?

  1. YOU MUST LOVE THE 50’S and want to preserve that lifestyle and history
  2. You must be a working owner not an absentee owner
  3. This is a perfect family business so if you have family that is able to work in the business even better
  4. Be prepared to work as it is not an easy business to run
  5. Perhaps it is. Maybe I am doing it wrong and you have better ideas
  6. Must be financially stable and negotiate a new lease with the landlord

I have been in business at this location for 15 years now and have enjoyed almost every minute. There have been many pitfalls but I always managed to get through them. We enjoy a robust summer trade but there could be a lot of improvements to make the winter much better. I am sure there are a lot of ideas out there and many of them would work. Here are a few examples

  • Extended summer hours
  • Special nights
  • Rent out for parties
  • More internet exposure
  • More promotion of over 150 vintage glass bottle, cane sugar sweetened soda pop
  • Dinner specials in the winter to get more locals and area out

This is a very unique store and most of the decor is authentic right down to the soda fountain, juke box and wall boxes to play the juke box. I have many vintage signs and other items as well. Most all the equipment is new with the recent purchase of a sandwich table. There are 2 new reach in refrigerators as well as 2 vintage ones. The price will include make up air unit, overhead canopy, flat top grill and 2 deep fryers. There is a 1957 seeburg juke box with 10 wall boxes as well as a nickelodeon player piano. There is a newer 12 tub ice cream dipping cabinet as well as 2 vintage freezers and a household deep freeze.There is seating for 56 people as well as a deck in front. With some modification I think you could get a liquor license as well and have discussed it with the landlord and they would agree to that.

We also close at 5 PM through the winter but there is plenty of growth there as well if you have the ambition to do so.

Please contact us for more information.

Marv's Soda Shop is located in Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
Phone us at (403) 933-7001
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