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Marvello Carbonated Ice Cream

Marvello Carbonated Ice Cream

Carbonated ice cream is described in a 1921 Calgary Herald newspaper ad as “daintiness of flavor”, “as pure as it is possible to make” and “tastiness”. I like to think of it as happy ice cream. Ice cream that melts on your tongue. Carbonated ice cream is actually frozen right in Ice Cream Newscarbon gas. MARVELLO is loaded with flavor and is made with 35% cream to instantly satisfy your ice cream craving. Although made with full flavor products we believe it to be lower in calories than similar servings of regular ice cream. We are having it lab tested to be sure and will post the findings when the test results become available.

MARVELLO also comes in several sour flavors like: sour raspberry, sour cherry, lemon lime and others. These will be a great summer treat for those who like ice cream but not to sweet. Some of the regular flavors are: “Heavenly Chocolate Brulle, Butterscotch Dream Brulle, Crème de Cacao, and French Vanilla”.

MARVELLO also created carbonated malts as well. We haveCarbonated Ice Cream chocolate, cherry and vanilla malts that are lighter than the traditional malt.

MARVELLO Carbonated Ice Cream may soon become available for franchise. This will be posted as well when it is finalized.

Marv's Soda Shop is located in Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
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